Patient Guide

Patient Guide

As a patient with Baptist Cancer Center, you might have questions about your diagnosis, treatment plan, visits, and more. This patient visitor guide will help you find the resources and information you need.

At Baptist Cancer Center we put the needs of the patient first. Our staff includes cancer nurse navigators, palliative care specialists, chaplains, and enterostomal therapists that provide patients with the medical, emotional, and spiritual support they need throughout their treatment process. Our specialized staff helps patients through chemotherapy, postoperative care, and if myelosuppression is required for high-risk patients, our staff help them avoid infection during recovery.

We use an individualized approach for all our patients. Our treatments options are designed for each patient's cancer diagnosis and we offer a variety of leading-edge cancer treatments.

The Baptist Cancer Center (BCC) offers patients clinical and support services to provide them with the best possible cancer care. Offering our patients the best possible cancer care is important to us, so we offer social work services to help a patient's family understand the discharge process, address financial concerns, and locate resources within their community. Our clinical support services offer enterstomal therapy and education for families. Our pharmacy services strive to provide optimal drug therapy for our patients. Baptist Cancer Care has one of only a few hospital-based palliative care programs in the United States. Baptist Cancer Center also offers a dedicated cancer nurse navigator to help patients locate resources, find support groups, and coordinate care.

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