Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Occasionally, during cancer treatment, a patient needs to spend time being treated as an inpatient at the hospital. Below you’ll find information that can help you prepare for your stay.


We recommend that patients document their health and life preferences prior to a hospital stay. This would include updating your will, setting up a medical power of attorney in the event you are unable to make medical decisions yourself, deciding if you want to fill out a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) form, and communicating additional instructions for your care.

Contact insurance providers to make sure you understand exactly what is covered by your plan, in regards to your hospital stay.

Hospital Patient and Visitor Guide

Review information for patients and visitors prior to coming to the hospital, so you’re fully informed about hospital amenities and policies – from Internet access to the closest ATM machine, from patient meals to personal belongings.

We recommend patients leave their valuables, such as jewelry and wallets, at home.

Keep in mind Baptist Cancer Center offers patients a Wi-Fi connection, so you may want to consider bringing a laptop or tablet to stay in touch with family and friends, to check things online, and for entertainment.

Have a Routine

A patient’s condition doesn’t always allow for exercise, but it’s a good idea to discuss with your cancer team any physical activity you might be able to do during your stay. This can help keep you healthy and strong, even if you simply take daily walks through the halls. Being active during cancer treatment has been proven to decrease the risk of recurrence in cancer patients.