Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment at your nearest Baptist Cancer Center please visit our Locations page for the contact information to call the location that is most convenient for you.

Many of our patients ask us what they need to do to prepare for an appointment and this will vary based on any procedures you need and whether or not you will be in our inpatient cancer care units. Your Baptist physician will send you instructions to help you prepare for any procedures such as if you need to fast, avoid certain foods, or take any medications prior to an exam or surgery.

Another concern many patients have when undergoing cancer treatment is the cost of treatments. Baptist accepts most insurance plans and offers a cost estimator for medical services you might receive in our facilities.

We recommend that patients arrive to their scheduled appointments at least 15 minutes ahead of time in order to find the proper place to park and sign in with a receptionist. If you have a scheduled surgery, exam, or procedure you may need to arrive more than 15 minutes early to prepare.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please contact us prior to your appointment so we may accommodate any other patients who need to see a physician.

Physicians and patients who need access to medical records can contact us and use the forms on the medical records page to request the release of medical records.