Treatment Options

Cancer Treatment Options

Scope of Services

The Baptist Cancer Center brings together outpatient cancer services offered across the metropolitan areas to provide an integrated cancer program to all Mid-South cancer patients including diagnostic, staging, treatment, clinical research, ancillary, and patient care services.

As a Baptist Cancer Center patient, you'll have access to advance technology and therapies to help ensure you receive high-quality and compassionate care:

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy at Baptist Cancer Center is a very individualized treatment option. The type of radiation therapy a patient receives depends on a number of factors including the stage of the cancer, type of tumor, and area that will be treated. A patient's lifestyle and personal preferences are also serious considerations that will factor into a radiation treatment plan. We offer several different types of radiation therapy including:

Chemotherapy Infusion Services

Chemotherapy infusion is one of the most common delivery methods for chemotherapy; the other method being delivered via a pill. Chemotherapy infusion services are generally performed as outpatient procedures and can range from one hour to several depending on your individual needs and treatment plan.

  • Full pharmacy and laboratory services are available to support both patient care and clinical research needs
  • Our pharmacy services are designed to provide patients with accurate and timely drug distribution as well as patient education.
  • Dedicated laboratory services allow our physicians to adjust treatment plans and have up-to-date images for diagnostic purposes including oncological diagnostic imaging, including PET/CT, ultrasound and radiology/tomography.

Oncology Clinical Trials Research

Baptist Cancer Center uses clinical trials to improve our approach to cancer care including drug therapies, patient care services, and treatment options.

Genetic Counseling Services

Genetic Testing and Counseling Center at Baptist works closely with researchers, physicians and genetic counselors around the country who see patients and families with hereditary forms of cancer.

Nurse Navigators

Baptist nurse navigators help educate patients on their treatment plans, coordinate care between facilities, and locate additional community resources for patients and their families.

Patient Education with Full Media Center, Materials and Conferences

Patient education is an integral component of all rehabilitation programs to optimize patient understanding and maximize self-management techniques throughout the cancer treatment process.