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Baptist Comprehensive Breast Program

We don't want any woman to experience breast cancer alone. That's why we developed the Baptist Comprehensive Breast Program, a place where women can come for medical expertise, support and answers to their questions. This virtual program allows Baptist experts to coordinate a patient's care from one central location, making it easier for patients to navigate the breast cancer process. Most patients are introduced to the Comprehensive Breast Program at the time of their diagnosis, through the Baptist Women's Health Program or at the recommendation of their physician.

For more information about Baptist's Comprehensive Breast Program or to make an appointment, please call 901-226-0810.

Network of Breast Health Experts and Specialists

Baptist's Comprehensive Breast Program is a collaboration among local breast cancer experts, and women's health physicians. All of the physicians and specialists involved in the treatment of breast cancer patients are members of the comprehensive breast program network, including radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, nurses, pathologists and genetic counselors.

Our breast health navigation specialists are nurses who guide patients through the diagnostic process and follow patients through breast cancer treatment. Breast health specialists also serve as the ultimate support person for patients, calling patients immediately following diagnosis, even arranging to accompany some patients for difficult surgeries or procedures.

Breast Cancer Prevention & Healing

At Baptist, preventing a disease is just as important as treating it. The Baptist Comprehensive Breast Program actively works to help prevent breast cancer and catch it at its earliest stages through community education. The program's breast health specialists are actively involved in the community, teaching women how to detect breast cancer and educating them about resources.

While it is important to help patients recover physically from an illness, Baptist also is committed to helping breast cancer patients heal emotionally and spiritually. Having breast cancer is such a life-altering event that it may be difficult for patients to recover and heal without the support of an outside source or organization. That's why the comprehensive breast program provides patients with a listing of local breast cancer support groups and organizations. One of these organizations provides free emotional support for patients. Women Helping Other Women is a support group of breast cancer patients and survivors that meets at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. A psychologist specializing in breast cancer counseling facilitates the group.

In addition to the diagnostic tests available through the Comprehensive Breast Program there are also many important services that we are proud to provide:

  • The Breast Risk Management Program offers genetic counseling for patients who may be at an increased risk for developing breast cancer
  • Mobile mammography screening service
  • Second Look computer-aided detection system
  • Radiologists with more than 100 years of combined experience and dedicated to mammography and breast imaging
  • Same-day results and consultation with female breast radiologists for diagnostic exams
  • Breast health navigation specialists—nurses who guide patients through the diagnostic process and follow patients through breast cancer treatment.

Baptist Women's Health Program has partnered with the American Cancer Society to offer four sessions throughout the year of the Look Good, Feel Better program.