Drug Therapy

What is drug therapy?

Drug therapy is also referred to as targeted therapy and is the use of drugs to treat cancer. Drug therapy is designed interfere with the division of cancer cells on a molecular level, inhibiting the spreading of tumors. Drugs that are used to treat cancer focus on targeting molecular changes specific to cancer cells. For this reason, drug therapy can be less harmful to normal cells than radiation or chemotherapy.

Other drugs may also be prescribed throughout cancer treatment to manage cancer symptoms, as well as manage side effects of cancer treatments.

Pharmacy Services at Baptist Cancer Center

The goal of pharmacy services at Baptist Cancer Center is to offer optimal drug therapy for all patients and to help ensure high-quality, cost-effective care. The pharmacy services department provides:

  • Patient assessments for drug therapies
  • Reviews and monitoring of nutrition therapies
  • Screenings for potential drug interactions, therapeutic duplication and drug allergies
  • Monitoring of anticoagulation therapy
  • Accurate and responsive drug distribution services

By partnering with each patient to reach the best possible outcome, Baptist Cancer Center aims to go beyond just providing medication. This entails educating patients on their prescribed medications, their possible side effects and interactions, as well as consulting with patients to manage pain and other symptoms.

Drug Therapy Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are often used to test new cancer drugs, or to test new uses of existing cancer drugs. A patient's eligibility to be enrolled in a clinical trial is dependent on many factors, which may include their type and stage of cancer, age, gender and medical history. Learn more about the Clinical Trials Core at Baptist Cancer Center.