Prevention and Detection

As the American Society has proven, almost every American knows someone who has suffered from cancer. However many cancer diagnoses could have been prevented or found earlier through early detection screening and living an active, healthy life. Three factors that contribute the most to patients being diagnosed with cancer are tobacco use, obesity, and a lack of regular screening tests. Since these are factors within our control, Baptist encourages all patients to actively decrease their risk of cancer by forgoing tobacco use, eating healthy, being active, and getting regular cancer screenings.

Tobacco Use

According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death. Every year, smoking results in an estimated 443,000 premature deaths. Approximately 49,400 are nonsmokers who have been exposed to tobacco through secondhand smoke.* The duration of tobacco use is a strong indicator of a patient’s risk for developing cancer and other diseases, so the longer a patient smokes, the more likely that person could develop cancer or another disease. Most health insurance plans will cover cessation treatments to help patients quit their tobacco use, so talk to your physician today to lower your risk and your loved one’s risk of developing cancer.

Obesity and Poor Nutrition

Second to tobacco use, obesity, being overweight, and receiving poor nutrition are the next leading causes of cancer in the U.S. As estimated by the World Cancer Research Fund, one quarter to one third of cancer diagnoses can be attributed to a poor diet and a lack of physical activity. Not only does being active and eating nutritiously help you in daily life, but it also reduces your risk for cancer and other diseases. Changing your diet and having a regular fitness routine are factors that you have control over to mitigate your risk for developing cancer. Baptist offers nutrition experts and therapists who can help patients pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. Speak with your physician before you begin any diet or fitness program to make sure you are taking care of yourself and ensuring you will receive all the nutrients you need.

*These statistic are from the 2013 American Cancer Society Prevention and Detection Facts and Figures.