Wellness for Cancer Patients

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” –Plato

Baptist Cancer Center is invested in not only treating cancer as an illness but also focusing on the overall wellness of each patient. Baptist Cancer Center aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for all patients. A healthy lifestyle is learning how make vital changes to improve the quality and the length of life.

A healthy lifestyle consists of more than a healthy diet and exercise. It also consists of the ability to handle stress and amount and quality of sleep, as well as managing poor health habits, such as smoking or drinking in excess.

Making healthy lifestyle choices improves overall wellness physically and mentally. A healthy lifestyle helps your body prepare for treatment and recover from any negative side effects. Changing everything at once isn’t the answer; making long term lifestyle changes that can be achieved gradually and maintained over a lifetime is a reasonable way to set goals.

Take the time to evaluate current choices, develop goals, and let Baptist Cancer Center help you achieve a higher level of overall wellness. Learn more about nutrition and fitness at Baptist.