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Packing for Oral Surgery

Aug 30, 2023
Packing for Oral Surgery

Packing for Oral Surgery

by Alyssa Fischer-Reeder

Any surgery can be intimidating as there are many unknowns. But there are a number of things you can do to prepare for surgery to ensure your own comfort, convenience and emotional wellbeing. This packing list is a great place to start when preparing for your surgery and your eventual recovery.

  1. Hygiene essentials that can fit in a zip lock bag, such as a travel size mouthwash, dry mouth lozenges, lip balm, travel size lotion and hand sanitizer.
  2. Charging cords and plug adaptors for your cell phone, laptop, tablet and other electronics.
  3. From personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend a whiteboard and markers, or a packet of pens and a few legal pads, to communicate with your doctors, nurses, family and visitors. Depending on your specific HNC surgery, you might not be able to talk right away. It’s an easy way to express your needs and answer questions quickly.
  4. A water bottle and nutritional liquid supplements such as Ensure, protein shakes or smoothies in case you get hungry.
  5. Entertainment such as books, magazines, crossword puzzles or a notebook to draw or sketch.
  6. Photos of your loved ones to brighten your mood.
  7. Comfortable clothing such as button-up shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts with a zipper, and drawstring or yoga pants. Depending on your surgery and post-operative treatments you might not be able to bend down to tie your shoes for a while, so consider wearing slip-on shoes or slides.
  8. A light-weight blanket, oversized scarf or cape to keep you comfortable in the waiting room or during treatment.
  9. If possible, have a loved one or friend join you during post-operative treatment.

Here are a few of my ABSOLUTE favorite websites to make simple and nutritious meals that are easy to eat post-surgery:

About the Author

Alyssa Fischer-Reeder is the founder of the Head Neck Cancer Fund. She has 20 years of experience working with HNC patients, survivors, families and caregivers. She was recently selected as an Elevate Ambassador for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship to help develop and execute a plan-of-action to improve survivorship care. Her goal is to ensure everyone feels supported and hopeful throughout their individual and unique HNC journey.