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From nationally recognized lung and brain cancer research to personalized treatment plans, Baptist Cancer Center is committed to fighting cancer on all fronts. With expanded services across the South, we are helping patients fight cancer and heal — closer to home.

Inpatient Oncology Care

Most Baptist Cancer Center treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, are outpatient services, meaning patients do not need to be hospitalized for their treatments. Their treatments are provided in the office, and patients can go home after their treatments are complete.

However, some patients undergoing more extensive procedures and treatment options require inpatient care. Baptist Cancer Center's inpatient units, including medical oncology, surgical oncology and myelosuppression, are staffed by experts who provide patients with specialized cancer care.

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Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

When treating cancer, time is of the essence. To optimize patients’ treatments, Baptist Cancer Center brings together many cancer specialists and treatment centers in convenient locations. Patients can have the confidence their condition is being assessed quickly by multiple experts who make a consensus on the best diagnosis and best treatment options for them.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

Nurse Navigators

Every Baptist Cancer Center patient is assigned a nurse navigator. These are medical professionals who serve as liaisons between patients and their health care teams. Nurse navigators give patients the personalized support and information they need from diagnosis to follow-up care. Our nurse navigators are experienced nurses who specialize in cancer care, which allows them to act as knowledgeable, compassionate guides and advocates for our patients.

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Specialty Pharmacy Services

Cancer care for many patients involves managing medicine, prescriptions and drug therapies. Most of these medicines come with special requirements for proper preparation, administration and storage. At Baptist, our specialty pharmacy teams dedicate their time to counseling patients and advising providers on the best medication options. Our specialty pharmacies also offer same-day service and free delivery for most prescriptions.

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Nutrition Services

Some cancer treatments can result in difficulty eating, weight changes or changes to a patient's nutritional needs. Oncology nutrition therapy, provided by a registered dietitian at Baptist Cancer Center, aims to optimize nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Cancer and its associated treatments can affect an individual in many ways. We offer therapy to help patients adjust to these changes. Our comprehensive cancer care involves using appropriate therapies to improve pain management, range of motion, strength/endurance, functional skills, daily life skills, scar management, edema (excess accumulation of fluid) control, relaxation and psychological/social skills.

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Outpatient Infusion Centers

Baptist Cancer Center has dedicated infusion centers that provides therapies beyond those specific to cancer. Our infusion centers are conveniently located on site, and feature spacious bays that allow our patients to feel comfortable during treatment.

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Social Work Services

Our team of social workers has specialized training in helping cancer patients. They understand cancer affects everyone differently, and they can help with many areas of cancer care that you might not think about after a diagnosis.

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Genetic Testing and Counseling Center

Ten percent of people who develop cancer do so because of an inherited risk factor. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center is here to help people who are worried their family’s cancer is inherited. If genetic cancer testing detects a person is at an increased risk, early cancer treatment or preventive steps are most likely to be successful. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center provides genetic counseling, genetic testing and follow-up services for patients and their family members.

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Home Health and Palliative Care

Baptist Home Health skilled nurses, therapists and other medical team members provide temporary rehabilitative and curative care for patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Palliative care is designed to help relieve pain and suffering by providing physical, psychological and spiritual comfort to patients who have complex or challenging problems associated with a serious illness. Palliative treatment helps ease the physical and emotional distress associated with a disease.

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Hospice, like palliative care, is a special way of caring for people with a terminal illness by meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients and their families. While palliative care begins at diagnosis and can continue throughout treatment, hospice care is received near the end of life.

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Nurse checks the IV bag over a palliative care cancer patient.

Baptist Cancer Center

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In addition to our cancer palliative care and hospice services, Baptist Cancer Center offers a wide range of cancer care services. Whether you or a loved one needs chemotherapy, genetic counseling, reconstructive surgery or another form of cancer support, we serve the Mid-South with close-to-home care. Learn more about our cancer services now.