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Getting Started

We understand that starting your cancer journey can be both challenging and overwhelming.

Getting Started

We understand that starting your cancer journey can be both challenging and overwhelming. At Baptist Cancer Center, we strive to address every need for our patients, and that includes assisting with patient registration and onboarding, ensuring your safety and comfort, and providing access to information you need to begin your path toward healing, empowerment and peace of mind.

Medical Records and MyChart

Access to your medical records is crucial for comprehensive care. Discover how our user-friendly Baptist OneCare© MyChart platform empowers you to securely view your medical history, test results and treatment plans online. You can also use MyChart to send messages directly to your care team, schedule or reschedule appointments and manage prescriptions. With this invaluable tool, you can stay informed and engaged in your care, making communication with your Baptist Cancer Center team seamless and efficient.

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Quality Care

Your health is our top priority. Learn about the rigorous measures we've put in place to ensure a safe environment for all patients. From infection control protocols to medication safety and facility maintenance and cleanliness, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care while safeguarding your well-being throughout your treatment journey.

Advance Directives

Planning for the future is an important aspect of your care, and Baptist Cancer Center wants you to know all the options for protecting your rights. We encourage all our patients to consider establishing advance directives. These are legal documents, such as a living will or a durable power of attorney for health care, that outline your health care preferences and only go into effect when you cannot communicate your wishes. We're here to guide you through this process, ensuring your values and choices are respected and honored at all times.

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At Baptist Cancer Center, we're committed to providing you with a strong foundation as you start your cancer journey. By empowering you with access to your medical information, prioritizing your safety and supporting your long-term health care decisions, we aim to give you the confidence and resources you need to navigate your cancer treatment with peace of mind.

Nurse checks the IV bag over a palliative care cancer patient.

Baptist Cancer Center

Learn More About Our Cancer Care Services

In addition to our cancer palliative care and hospice services, Baptist Cancer Center offers a wide range of cancer care services. Whether you or a loved one needs chemotherapy, genetic counseling, reconstructive surgery or another form of cancer support, we serve the Mid-South with close-to-home care. Learn more about our cancer services now.