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…and that’s why I choose Baptist.

Cancer is a very personal experience. And while no two cancer journeys are the same, you may be surprised at how much you have in common with other cancer patients who are looking for answers, reassurance and hope.

Whether at the start, in the middle or at the completion of your cancer journey, hearing from others who have faced similar experiences can console and inspire you. On those days when you’re not sure which decision to make or you’re exhausted from testing and treatments, recalling these patients’ stories can strengthen your resolve and sustain you. You may also find hope and comfort in knowing at Baptist Cancer Center, you’re never alone. And through the expert care, innovative technologies and groundbreaking therapies at Baptist Cancer Center, you, too, can arrive at the best possible outcome in your journey.

We invite you to watch our patients’ stories. Hear from them in their own words. And see how choosing Baptist Cancer Center helped them and their families navigate their cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Patient testimonials

People choose Baptist Cancer Center because they realize that the right care comes from doctors and treatment centers that are close to home. They also recognize Baptist Cancer Center has some of the best specialists, experienced nurses and technicians, innovative technology and access to clinical trials and therapies that are changing the way cancer is treated.

But, perhaps most of all, cancer patients choose Baptist because we treat the whole person, delivering individualized care and support not just to each patient, but to their families as well.

Watch our patients’ stories and see why Baptist Cancer Center was the best choice for their cancer journeys, and why it can be your best choice, too.

Dr. Sal Vasireddy

Physician testimonials

Providing the best care for patients diagnosed with cancer is our top priority. Baptist Cancer Center is dedicated to delivering high-quality care, with a focus on collaboration with patients and other specialists, open and continuous communication, and comprehensive care and services, to help ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our physicians choose Baptist Cancer Center because they want to join a team of experts who are true leaders in their fields. Here, they know they have the capability to try an innovative new treatment or clinical trial, a novel multidisciplinary approach or cure, or an individualized care plan that addresses not just cancer but patients’ personal needs.

See why Baptist Cancer Center is physicians’ choice for the best care.