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Clinical Programs and Services

Your care begins with our expertise. From globally-recognized lung and brain cancer research to minimally-invasive surgical techniques, Baptist Cancer Center services reflect our commitment to fighting cancer on all fronts. With expanded services across the Mid-South regions, we’re helping patients fight cancer and heal—closer to home.

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Risk and Prevention

Cancer risks and prevention factors are crucial aspects of maintaining overall health and well-being. Baptist Cancer Center can guide you through learning and understanding the lifestyle choices and risk factors that can significantly influence your likelihood of developing cancer. These include tobacco cessation, screening and early detection and nutrition programs.

Our Valued Services

Baptist Cancer Center provides a complete and thorough host of programs and services to meet all your needs through your cancer treatment—supporting you physically, financially and spiritually.

Cancer Treatment

Understanding your various treatment options is an important step, allowing you to make informed decisions in consultation with your doctor that best suits your personal needs.

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Risk and Prevention

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer. Learn about meaningful choices you can make to support your body's natural defense against cancer-causing agents.

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Access to Care

We emphasize factors like the ability to schedule appointments promptly, access to qualified healthcare professionals, availability of necessary resources, and the ability to navigate the healthcare system efficiently.

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Our Cancer Treatments

At Baptist Cancer Center, you’ll discover a world of innovative treatment options provided by our experienced team of medical professionals. Our specialized programs include the following.

Medical oncologists and hematologists play a significant role in developing your individualized treatment plan, which may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and other treatments. Learn more about the special care they provide.

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Cardio oncology is the intersection of cardiovascular health and cancer treatment. Learn how experts at Baptist Cancer Center help ensure your heart remains strong throughout your cancer journey.

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Our leading-edge radiation therapies use the latest technologies to precisely target cancer cells while minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy tissue.

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Our specialized options for the treatment of gynecologic cancers include comprehensive, compassionate care using advanced treatments and personalized support.

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The surgical oncology unit is one of the newest Baptist Cancer Center services, developed to assist the needs patients face after cancer surgery. Our surgical oncology nurses are specially trained in providing cancer care including chemotherapy medications, disease process teaching, emotional support and postoperative assessment and care.

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Access to Care

We offer a holistic approach to a patient's access to care. Here are a few essential features you can expect from our treatment.

As you embark on your cancer journey, our compassionate nurse navigators are here to support you. With their clinical expertise and caring approach, they act as your personal guide, connecting you with your healthcare team, providing the information you need from diagnosis to follow-up care, and ensuring you receive the individualized support you deserve. 
For patients needing more advanced treatments and procedures, we offer advanced inpatient care services. Our dedicated teams in medical oncology, surgical oncology and myelosuppression units are here to provide specialized and compassionate cancer care during your stay.
At Baptist Cancer Center, we make treatment more convenient and more effective for you by bringing together various specialists and treatments. This multidisciplinary approach ensures you receive high quality care in one location close to home, reducing the time and stress involved with traveling to multiple locations for different appointments. 
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Programs and Services

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We understand your challenges and we're here to help you throughout your cancer journey. Our experienced team at Baptist Cancer Center is dedicated to fighting cancer using advanced research and minimally-invasive treatments. With our expanded services available in the Mid-South region, we aim to bring cancer care closer to home, so you can focus on healing and wellness.