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The Baptist Cancer Center Survivorship Program

THRIVE Survivorship Program

At Baptist Cancer Center, cancer care goes beyond treatments and office visits. THRIVE exists to help you—physically, emotionally and spiritually—from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment, and on to your new life as a cancer survivor.

A Program to Help You Live Well

THRIVE (Together, Heal, Restore, Inspire, Value, Empower) is a comprehensive program designed to guide you through cancer treatment. The series includes classes, seminars and support groups that address nutrition, fitness, mental well-being and spirituality, as well as seminars to help you understand cancer genetics and manage the financial aspects of care.

THRIVE meets you the moment you enter our doors, whether you are newly diagnosed or have an existing diagnosis. We're here to walk with you through your journey.

THRIVE Program Topics

You'll learn about THRIVE at your first Baptist Cancer Center appointment, and use this site to register for free online classes and events that interest you. The program addresses a variety of topics, including:

Newly diagnosed cancer patients and their loved ones will want to start here. Baptist Cancer Center can answer general questions about what you might expect during and after treatment and get you connected with your care team and other helpful resources.

Visit Navigating Cancer

Navigation Center

New treatments and procedures are being introduced all the time, and can bring hope for a more complete recovery for some patients. Learn about our participation in clinical trials and how the research process works.

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Baptist Cancer Center provides spiritual guidance and support in addition to meeting the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Meet our chaplains and learn about our devotional and prayer offerings.

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Healthy eating and proper nutrition are vital to healing and maintaining strength during and following treatment. Learn how to eat well during cancer treatments from our registered dietitians.

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Nutrition Program

We'll help you understand the costs of your care, your options for covering those costs, and how Baptist Cancer Center can help alleviate financial stress.

View Financial Support Services

Man sits on a couch and discusses financial options with a hospital expert.

Exercise during treatment can be very beneficial to your overall well-being. Our program offers numerous fitness classes designed to help you get and stay moving. Check out our class schedule.

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THRIVE includes a variety of classes and support groups related to the topics we cover as well as classes dedicated to treatments.

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Support Groups

Family histories can sometimes play a role in determining one's risk for cancer, and path to recovery. Meet our genetic counselors and better understand the significance of family history and cancer genetics.

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The Mindfulness mental wellness program offers guidance on understanding the  connection between the mind and body in the context of cancer, providing strategies to improve mental well-being alongside physical

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female cancer patient practicing mindfulness

Tell Us How We Can Help

If you would like more information or have questions about our THRIVE Survivorship Programs please reach out to us today at our Contact Us page.