Cancers We Treat

Baptist aims to empower patients by providing comprehensive information about different types of cancer and available treatment options. Baptist Cancer Center offers the most advanced diagnostic services and treatments in our region, including minimally invasive technology such as TrueBeam™, CyberKnife® and the da Vinci® surgical system.

Baptist Cancer Center features one of the region's only Comprehensive Breast Centers, the only accredited blood and bone marrow transplant program and the only residential hospice for palliative care.

Another piece of our comprehensive cancer care involves using appropriate therapies, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy. These treatments are effective methods to improve pain management, range of motion, strength/endurance, functional skills, daily life skills, scar management, edema control, relaxation and psychological/social skills. Therapies also may reduce fatigue related to the cancer or treatment and often improve the patient's quality of life.

All Cancers We Treat

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