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Sharing Your Personal Journeys

Nothing can prepare you for a cancer diagnosis. The questions, uncertainties, worries and fears that come with it can be disorienting, if not overwhelming.

The following patients and their families understand this. They sat in their doctor's office and received the news that they had cancer — and their lives changed forever. But that was not the end of their stories.

Take a moment to watch or read their personal cancer journeys, learn how they became inspired and determined to beat the disease, and find out why they chose Baptist Cancer Center to get the care and support they needed during their cancer journey.

Ann Marie Wallace

Ann Marie Wallace

"I am Ann Marie Wallace, and my family and I choose Baptist Cancer Center for better patient-centered care."

When her husband was diagnosed, Ann Marie and her family found what they needed most was love and dignity.

Ashleigh Parker

Ashleigh Parker

"I am Ashleigh Parker, and I choose better doctors, faith and hope at Baptist Cancer Center."

Cancer changes lives, and no one knows that more than Ashleigh does. She also now knows she is in a great place to beat it.

Cindy Lesley

Cindy Leslie

"I’m Cindy Lesley, and I choose Baptist Cancer Center because of their world-renowned reputation but more so for their personal care."

Cindy Lesley was feeling fine in the summer of 2012, so you can imagine her surprise when she was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer.

Colleen Walker

Colleen Walker

"I am Colleen Walker, and I choose a better care team that I can trust at Baptist Cancer Center."

When a routine examination turned into the first day of an unexpected cancer journey, Colleen knew she could trust in her care team to deliver.

Janice Cheshire

Janice Cheshire

"I am Janice Cheshire, and I choose Baptist Cancer Center for better care and doctors I can trust."

From confusion and fear to acceptance and hope, Janice found that her Baptist Cancer Center care team did more than cure cancer. They lifted spirits, too.

Loman Richmond

Lomay Richmond

"I am Lomay Richmond, and I choose better information and personalized care at Baptist Cancer Center."

Lomay knew she had the potential for developing breast cancer. What she didn’t know was how well she would be cared for at Baptist Cancer Center.

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Baptist Cancer Center offers a wide range of cancer care services. Whether you or a loved one needs chemotherapy, genetic counseling, reconstructive surgery or another form of cancer support, we serve the Mid-South with close-to-home care. Let's talk about the next steps for you.