Patient and Family Advisory Council

Working Together to Advance Cancer Care

The Baptist Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Council (BPFAC) is dedicated to promoting a culture of patient and family-centered care. The BPFAC is comprised of past and current patients, family caregivers and BCC staff members who work to integrate patient and caregiver perspectives into the delivery of cancer treatment at Baptist Cancer Center.

Every other month, members hear from a variety of speakers who update the council on developments at BCC, while members provide valuable feedback on numerous issues related to the patient experience. Many council members also participate in the decision-making process at the BCC by serving on committees and workgroups outside of the regular meetings.

The Council meets bi-monthly to:

  • Give voice to the patient through feedback to BCC staff on a variety of operational and planning initiatives
  • Identify patient and caregiver concerns and generate ways to resolve them for future patients
  • Advocate for patient and family-centered care
  • Encourage dialogue and an on-going relationship between current and past patients with BCC leadership, providers and staff
  • Learn about issues of concern or interest and create opportunities to improve the experience for patients and caregivers when it comes to medical treatment, support services and research.
  • Collaborate with BCC staff in planning and delivery of new and revised programs and services

How Can I Become Involved?

The BPFAC is always looking for new ideas and perspectives from patients, family caregivers and staff. If you are interested in joining BPFAC, please complete an application.

For more information on the BPFAC, contact Jon Linn at [email protected].

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