Medical Professionals

At Baptist Cancer Center, your patient is our priority. From initial consultation to final treatment, our goal is to keep physicians highly informed while working collaboratively with all providers through the entire care process.

Recommend a new patient

If you're a physician hoping to recommend a patient for cancer treatment, we are ready to listen.

To formally refer a patient to a Baptist Cancer Center clinic, you can contact the clinic with the best location and services appropriate for your patient. We have locations with specific treatment modalities located across the Mid-South.

Following your initial communication with us, we may need additional records. Baptist OneCare MyChart allows for the easy communication and transfer of medical records, tests and reports through MyChart Link—even for physicians not directly affiliated with Baptist Memorial Health Care.

Baptist Cancer Center will communicate with you following an initial patient evaluation, treatment plans and ongoing care.

Second opinion

As the Mid-South's first integrated regional program, Baptist Cancer Center brings together the best minds in cancer care. Our experts represent many different specialties, often working in multidisciplinary teams when reviewing a patient's case. If you or your patient seek a second opinion or a consultation, contact the Baptist Cancer Center nearest to you for scheduling.

Medical Records

It's important our team receive your patient's most current medical records.

Baptist One Care MyChart, Baptist's electronic health records system, allows physicians, patients and families a convenient, efficient online method for requesting records, communicating with our physicians and managing patient care. All physicians can access MyChart to submit records.

Let's get started using MyChart

To request records outside of MyChart, contact one of our Baptist Cancer Center locations.

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