Enterostomal Therapy

What is enterostomal therapy?

Enterostomal therapy aims to help patients adjust to living with a temporary or permanent stoma. A stoma is a surgically created opening that connects the body cavity to the outside. Baptist Cancer Center often recommends enterostomal therapy for:

  • Bowel or bladder diversions after the surgical construction of an artificial excretory opening
  • Pressure ulcers, radiation burns and incontinence
  • Surgical wounds, abscesses and devices that drain fluids from wounds and cavities

Enterostomal therapy is based on patient education. Patients and their caregivers will be taught how to manage and care for their stoma to prevent infection and other complications. Enterostomal therapists will also ensure that patients have a suitable, comfortable stomal appliance fitted, help organize stomal supplies and arrange follow-up care.

The Baptist Cancer Center staff provides patients and their families with education in the above areas as needed, as well as resources to turn to as needed. Our team can assist patients on an outpatient basis, if necessary.

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