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When it comes to treating cancer, physicians want to ensure they have access to the collective knowledge and experience of qualified peers, innovative technology and groundbreaking treatment options that give their patients every advantage in the fight against cancer.

Physicians choose Baptist Cancer Center because they can find all that and more for their patient.

It is the expertise and compassion of our team of doctors that have helped Baptist Cancer Center evolve into the highly respected, innovative institution it is today. Working in collaboration with our patients’ physicians, the patients themselves and their families, Baptist Cancer Center doctors ensure that world class cancer care is available to all who need it, right here close to home.

Take a moment to watch their stories, learn what inspires them to do greater work and find out why Baptist Cancer Center is their choice for their patients.

Clesheree Stepter

Clesheree Stepter

"We are a small close-knit group of providers and nurses who are passionate about the work that we do."

Clesheree Stepter works in the Malignant Hematology Stem Cell Transplant Clinic at Baptist Cancer Center, and every day she is reminded how fortunate she is to work in an environment that brings out the best in her colleagues, but also inspires hope in patients.

 Dr. Drew Dill

Dr. Drew Dill

"Every day I’m reminded how happy I am that I made the decision to stay at Baptist."

It was during his fellowship studies at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis that Dr. Drew Dill realized he wanted to not just specialize in oncology and become a top oncologist at Baptist.

Dr. Sal Vasireddy

Dr. Sal Vasireddy

"I am Dr. Sal Vasireddy, and I choose better communication with patients, families and other providers at Baptist Cancer Center."

As an experienced oncologist who knows the challenges of providing timely care, Dr. Vasireddy says the patient-centered technology at Baptist Cancer Center is a game-changer.