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Clesheree Stepter

Clesheree found that her intense passion for learning, growing and helping others is matched by every other person she works with at Baptist Cancer Center.

Sometimes the best care you can receive doesn’t necessarily come from a medical doctor. Take Clesheree Stepter for instance. Clesheree is a nurse practitioner, an advanced practice registered nurse, with more education and training than a regular RN, allowing her to provide a higher level of medical services and care for patients. That makes her a very valuable member of the Baptist Cancer Center team.

Clesheree works in the Malignant Hematology Stem Cell Transplant Clinic at Baptist Cancer Center. And every day she is reminded how fortunate she is to work in an environment that not only brings out the best in her and her colleagues, but also inspires and gives hope to patients facing their most challenging fight. 

“We are a small close-knit group of providers and nurses who are passionate about the work that we do, and I think that is the biggest advantage our patients would have coming to our center,” said Clesheree. “We are not a big conglomerate like some places where you can get lost in their systems. While we have access to basically every resource other larger places have, we as a team work pretty closely together. We have a system in which we communicate and collaborate as a team, and that is a huge benefit to our patients and our providers.”

Clesheree says working at Baptist Cancer Center has allowed her to grow as a professional and to foster not only working relationships, but personal relationships with some of the professionals who she thinks are the greatest nurses and doctors that Baptist has to offer. 

“They support me in all my endeavors, and the mutual respect we have for one another truly permeates and transcends the work that we do,” said Clesheree. “And the staff can feel it, and it solidifies the overall camaraderie we have. Most important, the patient can see it in the care we provide.”

Passion for what she does is what motivates Clesheree to constantly learn, improve and connect with her patients. The same can be easily said for her other team members.

“The people I work with, and I have said this many times, are extremely passionate,” said Clesheree. “I mean, we’re pretty good at what we do. We are very passionate about performing to the best of our abilities and delivering exceptional care with the same common goal. We work hard together to ensure that our patients not only get the highest quality of care, but also feel like they are being respected and feel like they are getting what they need, especially during the difficult situation they are in.”

Clesheree Stepter, Advanced Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Clesheree Stepter, Advanced Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner, shares what she thinks makes Baptist Cancer Center better and why she chooses to work there. Go to for more information.
Nurse checks the IV bag over a palliative care cancer patient.

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