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What is a nurse navigator?

Baptist Cancer Center offers a nurse navigator for cancer patients at each location. Nurse navigators are medical professionals with clinical expertise who serve as a liaison between patients and health care teams. They give patients the personalized support and information they need from diagnosis through follow-up care. Our nurse navigators are experienced nurses who specialize in cancer care, which allows them to act as a guide for patients. Baptist Cancer Center offers an oncology nurse navigator for cancer patients at each of our locations.

What does a nurse navigators do?

The role that the nurse navigator plays may be different in each patient's journey. Our nurse navigators vary their responsibilities based on the different needs of each cancer patient. The types of services support that oncology nurse navigators provide may include:

  • Assisting with paperwork
  • Acting as the single point of contact for patients and families
  • Assessing clinical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, financial, and other patient needs
  • Scheduling tests, procedures, appointments, and treatments
  • Assisting patients in overcoming barriers to care (transportation, financial counseling, etc.)
  • Educating caregivers and providing caregiver support
  • Reinforcing education with patients and families on disease, treatments, side effects, adverse reactions, and reportable signs/symptoms
  • Facilitating communication and acting as a liaison with the health care team on behalf of the patient
  • Directing patients and families to available community resources and support services

At Baptist, we are committed to making the battle with cancer a little easier for you and your family. Our The nurse navigator role ensures that you receives provide one-on-one support and coordination of services as you move through each phase of your cancer experience. No concern is too small — the nurse navigator's role is to provide you with the appropriate resources and support to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Nurse Navigators & Continuing Support at Baptist Cancer Center

In addition to oncology nurse navigators, our staff includes palliative care specialists, chaplains and enterostomal therapists who are trained to provide patients with the support and information they need. Learn more about the treatment process at Baptist Cancer Center from your nurse navigator or our explore our Patient Guide now.

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Early Cancer Detection

Get a Genetic DNA Test in Memphis

Baptist Cancer Center provides close-to-home care for patients in the Mid-South. If you are concerned about your family history of cancer and would like to talk with a genetic counselor about a cancer risk assessment or other questions, please contact the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center.