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Baptist Cancer Center is here to help those who are worried that the cancer in their family is hereditary. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center provides genetic counseling, genetic testing, and follow-up services for you and your family members.


Cancer and its associated treatments can affect an individual in many ways. Another piece of our comprehensive cancer care involves using appropriate therapies to improve pain management, range of motion, strength/endurance, functional skills, daily life skills, scar management, edema control, relaxation and psychological/social skills. Therapies also may reduce fatigue related to the cancer or treatment and often improve the patient's quality of life.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and lymphedema therapy services at Baptist are offered throughout the medical continuum including acute care, skilled nursing, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient settings. All rehab therapy requires a physician referral. After referral is received, an initial evaluation is performed to establish an individualized plan of care. All rehab disciplines focus on maximizing functional ability and independence.

Please speak with your physician regarding a referral to therapy if you are experiencing any of the limitations detailed above. We look forward to providing for your rehabilitation needs throughout your survivorship.

Early Cancer Detection

Get a Genetic DNA Test in Memphis

Baptist Cancer Center provides close-to-home care for patients in the Mid-South. If you are concerned about your family history of cancer and would like to talk with a genetic counselor about a cancer risk assessment or other questions, please contact the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center.