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Outpatient Infusion Center

The Baptist Outpatient Infusion Center in Memphis offers centrally located advanced infusion therapy services staffed by experienced nurses dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive, and efficient care for patients.

Advanced Care for Intravenous, Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Treatment Options Baptist Cancer Center has a dedicated infusion center that provides therapies beyond those specific to cancer, including:

  • Hematology and bone infusions
  • Rheumatology infusions
  • Gastrointestinal infusions
  • Neurological infusions
  • Pulmonary infusions

Compassionate, Convenient Care

Our Baptist Outpatient Infusion Center is centrally located on our Memphis campus, so your patients can receive the advanced infusion therapies they need at a convenient location that’s close to home. Our infusion teams are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive and efficient care for your patients. Our exceptional teams are staffed by experienced nurses who are trained in managing complex infusions and addressing the side effects that may occur.

Patient Assistance and Financial Counseling

We understand that these treatments may cause financial challenges for some patients. That’s why Baptist has a team of financial counselors and patient assistance coordinators who can provide personalized guidance to patients to identify financial support options to help alleviate concerns they may have during treatment so they can focus on their recovery.

These services include:

  • Charity care programs for uninsured patients
  • Patient financial assistance programs
  • Insurance counseling to help patients navigate private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid to understand their benefits and how they apply to their treatment
  • Patient education on therapies, successful recovery and the potential costs of care. At Baptist, our care goes beyond the medical needs of our patients to include their financial, emotional and spiritual well-being to care for the whole patient and their family

The referral process

To schedule a patient in EPIC use code REF144 or call 901-752-6131.

To schedule a patient who doesn’t have an EPIC health record, please fax the following information to 901-722-0570:

  • Patient’s complete demographics, including insurance information
  • A copy of the patient’s diagnosis with the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis code, preferably in the provider’s note
  • A copy of the most recent labs per the referral form and the most recent provider’s progress note
  • A copy of the Baptist Cancer Center referral order sheet with the correct drug selected and the order signed, dated, and timed