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Financial Support

Our goal is to minimize financial stress so you can focus on healing. THRIVE offers information on financial resources and seminars to help you learn about your payment options and how we can help.

Financial Support

Baptist Cancer Center Financial Navigator Program

Paying for care can be an added point of stress for anyone dealing with a health issue, but when you have cancer, it can be even more significant. That’s why Baptist Cancer Center offers free financial counseling. Our financial navigators offer confidential advice about insurance and can help you set up a payment plan that eases your financial burden. They can also help enroll you in our patient assistance programs and charity care if you qualify.

While you’ll learn more about your financial options in this program, we want all our patients and their families to know that finances should never stand in the way of getting the care you need.

Charity Care and Patient Assistance

Baptist Cancer Center offers a number of services for people who are struggling to pay for care:

Financial assistance: Patients who meet certain income and family-size requirements can apply for discounted care under our financial assistance program. They can pay a discounted amount (based on a percentage of charges) for their care, or we can set up a payment plan. Our financial navigators can also help you find federal, state and local programs that may help you pay for care.

Medication assistance: To help reduce medication-related costs, we can help patients enroll in pharmaceutical company cost-reduction programs. Doing so generally requires filling out financial documentation, and we will use those forms to apply for assistance on a patient’s behalf. Pharmaceutical companies make the final decision on whether a patient qualifies, but applying doesn’t affect other assistance programs we can help with.

Cancer survivor group members attend a financial seminars.

Financial and Insurance Information

THRIVE Financial Support Seminar

Learn how to navigate private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Find out when to enroll for or change your coverage, understand costs associated with premiums and deductibles, and get advice on other important issues related to insurance. We’ll also review protections you have under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other government programs, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act. All sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams.

Tell Us How We Can Help

If you would like more information or have questions about our THRIVE Survivorship Programs please reach out to us today at our Contact Us page.