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Baptist Cancer Center is here to help you and your family navigate your cancer journey, answer general questions you might have about what to expect during and after treatment, and get you connected with your care team and other helpful resources.

THRIVE Navigating Cancer Sessions

Cancer is not only a disease, it is a journey. And everyone’s cancer journey is different. After taking some time to process the news of your diagnosis, you’ll want to create an action plan.

This group serves to provide greater insight into what you might expect during and after cancer treatment. You'll get the opportunity to ask questions to our experts, members of your care team, and even other patients who understand first-hand what you are going through. You'll also discover helpful resources available to you.

All sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams.

female cancer patient smiles while participating in online support group

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Navigating Cancer: Upcoming Dates

Check out our Classes and Events page to view upcoming sessions for Navigating Cancer. All classes are held online via Microsoft Teams, unless otherwise specified on the event page.

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