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Colleen Walker

"I am Colleen Walker, and I choose a better care team that I can trust at Baptist Cancer Center."

When Colleen Walker arrived for her annual mammogram, she was sure it would be a routine visit with the usual result. She was not expecting the unusual turn of events that day.

“It started off as a typical day for me,” said Colleen. “But when I was there a little longer than usual, and kept getting called back for extra mammograms and ultrasounds, I knew something was up.”

While waiting for her results, Colleen’s suspicions grew and she decided to prepare herself for the news she was certain to receive. One week later, she got a call at home from her doctor confirming she had breast cancer.

“Even though you are expecting it, it is still a shock when you hear that word ‘malignant’ come through the phone,” she said.

But rather than being paralyzed by the news, Colleen accepted her new situation and immediately began researching cancer facilities to find the best option for her own care.

“I knew I needed a breast surgeon, so I started calling family members and friends to see if they could recommend one,” recalled Colleen. “I heard the name Throckmorton from a few of them, so I decided to contact Dr. Alyssa Throckmorton’s office at Baptist.”

Still, Colleen, like every cancer patient should be, was prepared to shop around for doctors. And even though Dr. Throckmorton was the first one she visited, she knew instantly she had found the right one for her.

“After that first visit, and feeling the way that I did after talking with Dr. Throckmorton, I just decided to stay with her,” said Colleen. “She took the time to explain things to me, to hear my concerns. I just felt that it didn’t matter who I was or who that other person was walking through her door. I was the only person she was thinking about in that moment. I was the only one she was there to help. It was just a feeling that I had, but I am so glad I chose her.”

Along her journey, Colleen has come to truly appreciate all the Baptist Cancer Center doctors and nurses who care for her, acknowledging that sometimes theirs is a thankless job.

“The patients are going through so much internally and dealing with so many things, thanking the care team is not a priority, and understandably so,” she said. “And I am so happy that I have the opportunity now to show my gratitude to anybody who has come across my path. I am so grateful for them; I would not have made it through any of this without them.”

Because for Colleen, it came down to the level of care she received from her Baptist Cancer Center care team who guided her through every step of her journey — diagnosis, surgery, treatment and post-operative care.

“There are many care teams out there, but you just have got to go with the ones that make you feel informed and comfortable — and people who you can develop a trusting relationship with,” said Colleen. “Because that’s what it is, a relationship.”

Colleen Walker

Colleen Walker shares her experience with Baptist Cancer Center and why she chose the center for her care. Go to for more information.
Nurse checks the IV bag over a palliative care cancer patient.

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