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Lomay Richmond

"I am Lomay Richmond, and I choose better information and personalized care at Baptist Cancer Center."

Lomay Richmond had always known that her chances of getting breast cancer were higher than average. Her mom was diagnosed more than 30 years prior, and Lomay had been faithful about doing her monthly self-checks. It was during one of those self-exams that she felt something she thought was a little weird. So she called her OB-GYN to look into it. She soon discovered her suspicions were correct.

“My diagnosis came shortly after that doctor visit,” said Lomay. “The common name is triple-positive breast cancer, where the cancer is fed by hormones plus the HER2 protein. After my diagnosis, I was talking with a friend at church and he said I should go see Dr. Alyssa Throckmorton — she is one of the best.”

Dr. Throckmorton is the medical director for the breast oncology program at Baptist Cancer Center, with 20 years of experience and a nationally recognized leader in breast care.

“The great thing was that was on a Sunday when I left a voice message for Dr. Throckmorton, and the office called me the very next morning, and I was able to get in on Wednesday,” said Lomay. “The wealth of information at Baptist Cancer Center is impressive, and I have never doubted my choice of who would provide my care.”

Lomay was especially impressed by the all-around attention and service she received as a patient at Baptist Cancer Center.

“I have a couple of friends who have been on this journey, but with different centers,” said Lomay. “And one of them said ‘You’re getting a lot more information than I ever did.’”

Lomay also appreciated the assistance and guidance she received for the financial aspect of her cancer journey. Her care team in Dr. Throckmorton’s office even proactively filled out applications for grants and co-pay assistance programs on Lomay’s behalf. She felt as if the entire center had dropped everything to focus on her, until she realized that was just how Baptist Cancer Center treats every patient.

“Baptist Cancer Center really understands the personal and financial toll that a cancer diagnosis has on a person,” said Lomay. “My journey has had its challenges, on many fronts, but it is so much easier to not have to worry about the finance part of it. I am so very happy I chose Baptist.”

Lomay Richmond

Lomay Richmond shares her experience with Baptist Cancer Center and why she chose the center for her care. Go to for more information.
Nurse checks the IV bag over a palliative care cancer patient.

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