Your health and safety are our first priority at Baptist Cancer Center

During the pandemic, you may be required to undergo COVID-19 testing as part of your care. Here are answers to many of the questions you may have about our testing policy and process.

Why may I be tested for COVID-19?

Cancer patients are uniquely vulnerable to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, because their immune systems are compromised from their disease and/or treatment. That's why Baptist Cancer Center has taken special precautions to protect the health and safety of our cancer patients by implementing required COVID-19 testing for all patients on active treatments.

Who is being tested for COVID-19?

Baptist Cancer Center is testing all patients for COVID-19 prior to:

  • Starting radiation therapy
  • Stem cell transplants
  • Most therapy infusions
  • Procedures that generate respiratory aerosols, involve the mucous membranes, or induce significant coughing

Outside test results are helpful to share with your care team, but will not replace Baptist Cancer Center's COVID-19 testing if your care team determines you need it.

Where do I get my COVID-19 test?

Your test may be completed with an appointment at one of our Baptist COVID-19 testing locations, or during your scheduled appointment at your Baptist Cancer Center location. You can also get tested without an appointment at one of our drive-thru testing locations. Please work with your care team to schedule an appointment for your COVID-19 testing.

For more information about our drive-thru testing operations, please visit our COVID-19 Testing Centers page.

Will I be charged for the COVID-19 test?

No. As a patient, you should never receive a bill for your COVID-19 test. If applicable, your insurance will be billed directly.

If you have received a negative test result from an approved laboratory within 2- 4 weeks of your first treatment appointment, you will not need to be retested. Please work with your care team to ensure your results are from an approved laboratory and meet the time period requirements prior to your treatment appointment.

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