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Many patients turn to spiritual beliefs and practices to help them cope with cancer, which may improve quality of life. No matter your faith background, our chaplains and other spiritual resources are here to support you after a cancer diagnosis. In the Spirituality program of THRIVE, you’ll learn how to access those resources and many others if interested.

How a Cancer Diagnosis Impacts Your Spirituality

Learning you have cancer can shake you to your core, and it’s not surprising that people diagnosed with the disease have widely different responses. Some people rely on their faith more than ever, and their spiritual values become stronger during treatment and recovery. Others may question their faith and wonder if they are being punished.

Our oncology chaplains are here to serve you, regardless of your spiritual condition and religious affiliation. Whether you seek reconciliation with friends and family or need help making end-of-life decisions, we offer guidance without judgment and will respect your spiritual needs and personal experiences.

Sharing Your Spirituality

Our team will want to respect your wishes, so as you’re learning about your options for care, take the following questions into consideration:

  • Do you have regular spiritual or religious practices that can help you deal with treatments?
  • What treatment goals or care options will honor your spiritual views and beliefs?
  • What are your most important spiritual needs that you would like your care team to know about?

THRIVE Spirituality Programs

Spirituality and Your Cancer Journey

The spirituality arm of the survivorship program includes help and assistance for patients and their families from our chaplains. Offerings include prayer groups and devotions. All sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams.

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