Genetic Testing and Counseling

Ten percent of people who develop cancer do so because of an inherited risk factor. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center is here to help people who are worried that the cancer in their family is hereditary. If genetic cancer testing detects a person is at an increased risk, early cancer treatment or preventive steps are most likely to be successful. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center provides genetic counseling, genetic testing, and follow-up services for individuals and their family members.

Our Board-Certified Genetic Counseling Staff

Our genetic counselors have master's degrees in human and medical genetics and are board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. The staff at the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center work closely with researchers, physicians, and genetic counselors around the country who see patients and families with hereditary forms of cancer.

This network allows the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center staff to have the most up-to-date information on the treatment, detection, and prevention of hereditary cancer. The certified genetic counselors also are available for speaking on topics of hereditary cancer. Local support groups and professional associations are encouraged to contact the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center to arrange a speaking date.

Does Medicare cover genetic testing for cancer?

Medicare covers genetic testing for people with a cancer diagnosis who meet certain criteria. The Genetic Testing and Counseling Center is open to anyone concerned about the risk for cancer, regardless of ability to pay. Genetic counseling and risk assessments are kept confidential for your protection.

Get a Genetic DNA Test in Memphis, TN

Baptist Cancer Center provides close-to-home care for patients in the Mid-South. If you are concerned about your family history of cancer and would like to talk with a genetic counselor about a cancer risk assessment or other questions, please contact the Genetic Testing and Counseling Center.

80 Humphreys Blvd., Suite 330
Memphis, TN 38120

Phone: 901-226-4068
E-mail: [email protected]

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